Asia vegetable mix

Asia vegetable mix

colorful Asian - style vegetable mix

Ingredients: Carrots*, cauliflower*, leek*, mushrooms*, mungo bean sprouts* (10%), onion*, green beans*, red and green pepper* (in variable weight proportions)

Unit: 400 g

EAN: 4026813000170

*= ingredients from organic farming

Allergy notes:

Storage: Store at -18°C. Once defrosted do not refreeze.

Provenance: Netherlands (NL)

Preparation: In the pan: preheat 2 tablespoons of vegetabele oil in a pan. Add the required amont of frozen ASIA vegetable mix. Fry shortly for about 6-8 minutes using medium heat. Stir occasionally. In the wok: preheat 1 tsp of vegetable oil in a wok. Pour in the ASIA mix and cook at high temperature for about 6-8 minutes stirring continously until vegetable is crisp and ready. Season to taste, for example with fine cut lemongrass and ginger. Serve it with rice or Asian pasta.

Production: Coming directly from the field, bio inside products are immediately deep-frozen to preserve all their important vitamins and flavours.

aroma, consistency:
Consistency: firm, typical for each ingredient